Healthy Conversations

This is a program that develops your teams’ and leaders’ competence to have robust and purposeful dialogue that leads in the right direction. Effective dialogue is one of the single most important activities in the workplace.

Our employee programs are built to achieve resilience in employees to initiate and sustain a robust and challenging conversation which is not characterised by discomfort or fear. We develop the demeanor and competence to lead and engage in difficult conversations, with an awareness that innovation and development often occur on the edges of disruption.  Potential conflict is experienced differently on a conversation by conversation basis, by each participant. However, we focus on maintaining a healthy and productive working relationship relationship using constructive conflict techniques. Should conflict tip into the unhealthy zone then, through our program, the competence exists to pull the conversation and relationship back to being functional and healthy.

Our programs also develop skills for leaders to apply in other difficult conversations.Whether you are providing critical feedback to a team member, critiquing work, needing to express your disagreement in relation to a decision, having to say ‘no’ or encouraging and coaching your employees to have a direct conversation about issues, the answer is not to avoid the conversation or handle it half-heartedly. The program will provide leaders with insight on how to have productive and collaborative conversations with their employees and provide them with specific strategies for approaching them successfully.

Program focus areas include:

    • What is a conversation and what makes it difficult?
    • The difference between destructive and healthy conversations.
    • How to prepare for a difficult conversation.
    • A framework for conducting healthy conversations.
    • Toxic characteristics of conversations and how to navigate them.