Managing Workplace Concerns

Leaders can spend an inordinate amount of their productive hours immersed in resolving workplace concerns within their team.  Put in dollar terms, 15% of a leader’s time can be taken up dealing with conflict.  If you pay one leader $100k per annum, that is $15k each year for one conflict alone.

Workplace concerns range from simple misunderstandings and interpersonal conflict to serious grievances such as discrimination, bullying, harassment and violence. Leaders being able to identify concerns early and address them effectively can occur in various ways.  This is a very practical program that builds skills along the continuum of interventions in resolving workplace concerns from supporting employees to engage in direct conversations, all the way to what a leader’s role is in a formal investigation process.

Program focus areas include:

    • Differentiating Workplace Concerns
    • Prevention – Identifying risk and control factors.
    • What do you do when a concern is raised with you?
    • The Resolution Pathways – from informal to formal
    • What to do when the concern is resolved