Assessment of Workplace Concerns

Although timeliness is often important, the quickest way to resolve a workplace conflict may not produce the best outcome.

What happens in an Assessment of Workplace Concerns?

Trying to figure out what is going on in a workplace relationship or team is a critical first step in working out the best way to remedy it.  The given cause of conflict or disruption, or what you assume it to be, might not be correct or complete.  Accurate and exhaustive diagnosis of the root cause of conflict is critical – but ensuring you have the full picture can take time. Once you understand the interpersonal dynamics and the systemic and environmental factors sitting around the workplace conflict or disruption, you can dive deeper into intrapersonal motivation and behaviours – then the platform for a sustainable intervention is established.

We are then able to recommend the most effective and sustainable intervention to remediate and harmonise the working relationships.  At the same time we pick up any environmental or systemic factors that may be triggering or contributing to the sub-optimal dynamic or conflict.