About Us

Developing a respectful workplace is more than just a nice way to orientate a working environment.  It delivers value to business.  A respectful workplace contributes to competitive advantage as a strategic imperative that facilitates the dynamic fit of fast-changing operating environments.

Making your workplace a fertile terrain for relationships based on trust that builds healthy, challenging and productive dialogue is conducive to experimentation involving measured risk. We can help with that.

PEEL HR is a trusted advisor to a long list of loyal clients.  We have supported many complex interventions re-mediating the disruption in employee relationships, which neutralises team performance.  Through this depth of experience and expertise, we have developed a number of programs focused on supporting the development of skills within workplaces that proliferates respectful engagement. Our programs are designed by experts in workplace conflict, reversing dysfunction by fostering behavioural engagement and contributing to the ‘trust foundation’ needed for a high performing workplace culture.