Diversity and Inclusion Awareness

We believe inclusive cultures and a diverse workforce can drive innovation and collaboration, create trusted partnerships with your stakeholders and contribute to the success and sustainability of your organisation. Our Diversity and Inclusion Awareness workshops, for both leaders and employees, are engaging sessions which will support your internal Diversity and Inclusion and EEO strategies.

These are foundational programs centered on imparting knowledge and educating participants on the benefits of valuing difference and establishing inclusive work environments. It fosters employee and leader dialogue about Diversity and Inclusion and how these concepts apply to the work they perform every day, continually assisting to break down barriers.

Approaching others with enthusiasm and appreciation for individual difference is critical to any workplace change!

Rather than focusing on telling people what not to do, what not to say or what not to believe our Diversity and Inclusion Awareness workshops focus on helping employees and leaders to work out what they can do – how, within their respective roles, they can proactively build inclusive workplaces and leverage the differences which exist within their teams.

Program focus areas include:

    • What Diversity and Inclusion is all about
    • The benefits of valuing Diversity and Inclusion within the workplace
    • Barriers to achieving a Diverse and Inclusive workplace?
    • What we each can do to encourage an inclusive workplace
    • An awareness of unconscious bias and its impacts in the workplace.