Team Collaboration Workshops

PEEL regularly observes that individuals within collaborative teams have a more conscious understanding of their colleague’s needs and interests. Consequently they respond earlier and more supportively to other’s frustration preventing unhealthy conflict, ensuring alignment of values and behaviours, fostering healthy conversations and ultimately managing behavioural engagement for high performance and goal achievement proactively.

Team success lies in the ability of team members to be able to work effectively together. This only occurs when each team member is able to have an insight into their own contributions and how these can enhance or detract from the team’s overall effectiveness. To enhance team members understanding of each other’s approaches to work we incorporate the Team Management Profile (TMP) Questionnaire. The TMP provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work preferences and the strengths that they bring to a team.

Our Team Collaboration workshops assist teams in having an insight into:

  • How team members see the team currently operating;
  • How values and work preferences impact on team collaboration and performance;
  • How each team member prefers to communicate, receive information, make decisions and organise their work; and
  • What the team needs to do to work to their strengths?