Respectful Workplaces for Leaders

Our Leaders program focuses on roles and responsibilities in relation to EEO, discrimination, bullying and harassment.  It supports leaders to understand the legislative basis for EEO and discrimination guidelines, the impacts of inappropriate behaviour and the processes they need to follow when they are required to respond to claims of inappropriate behaviour.

Again, our program is unique because it reorients participants’ leadership stance and outlook, building skills to help them infuse respecful interactions in their team.  Leaders will be able to support their teams to interact respectfully while engaging in challenging and robust conversations in pursuit of business goal achievement.

The workshop is followed by an online competency assessment to track the value of participants learning and confirm their competency.

This progress is further strengthened through the Leaders Guide and the Respectful Workplace Toolkit.

Program focus areas include:

    • What can I do as a Leader to model the principles of a respectful workplace in my day to day activities?
    • Understand what types of behaviour amount to discrimination, bullying and harassment and what does not.
    • What is reasonable management action and what isn’t?
    • Taking a risk management approach to reduce the risk.
    • As a leader, know what steps to take in when you receive a workplace concern relating to inappropriate behaviours.