Respectful Workplaces for Employees

Respectful engagement requires more than a policy framework, instruction and employee awareness.  It requires employees to adapt their mindsets and their skill sets to be equipped with an understanding of ‘what to do, how to do it, and why’  when disrespect is experienced or observed.

The compelling advantage of the Respectful Workplace Suite is that it provides awareness workshops, mindset preparation and leader skill acquisition combined with leadership development resources to sustain the transfer of training.  This approach embeds the learning, which can carry a team through the most challenging goals over a 2 year period.

The Respectful Workplaces for Employees program can be obtained as a full suite or in discrete module format.

Our 2 hour EEO Awareness program is designed for employees without leadership responsibility.  It is practical, action-based and effective.  It provides employees with competency in EEO, anti-discrimination and anti-bullying principles, and beyond.  It triggers behavioural change by building self-efficacy in staff to engage with each other and attempt to resolve locally any disagreements, concerns or hiccups in their immediate operating environment.  Having employees address their workplace concerns or dysfunctions directly and proactively is the expedient approach to diffusing conflict, and it should counter the majority of issues that might lead to a formal grievance. It equips employees with the tools and strategies to self-manage behaviours and conflicts at the team level, reducing the need for escalation.  Moreover, respectful engagement creates an emotional ambiance for genuine mutual interest in others workplace commitment, building a trust base for a healthy, high performing team.

The program is followed up by 8 tips, fixes and articles disseminated weekly over 2 months following the face-to-face session which embeds the learning in context.

Program focus areas include:

    • What is a respectful workplace and what are the expected standards of behaviour required as an employee.
    • What can each person do to demonstrate respectful behaviours at work?
    • Understanding what types of behaviour amount to discrimination, bullying and harassment and what does not.
    • The impacts of disrespectful behaviours.
    • Responding to disrespectful behaviours – what to do if I experience inappropriate workplace behaviour or conflict?